4.4.15         Security Level

Specifies the password protection level required to change the tag's value in run-time VIEW. The Security Level limits ability to change the value of this tag, to those users assigned to the same Area and having Security Level equal to or greater than the level specified for the tag.

A user must be assigned both Area and Level privileges to change the Tag. For example, a Security Level of 5 and Security Area of 1 require a user to have a security level greater than or equal to 5, in Area 1 in order to change the value of the Tag. 

All Tag Fields require a Level of 127 to change, regardless of the Level assigned to the Tag.

WebAccess uses the concept of Area of Responsibility that allow a User to have different access Levels in different areas of the facility or plant. This might be used in a large facility to give various users different read and modify permissions. For example, boiler operators may change this point but paper machine operators can only view it.

A user can be assigned to multiple areas with a different security level in each. A user must have been assigned both Area and Level privileges to change the point. For more information, see the section on.

Range:                    0 to 127
Field Type:            analog
Tag field:               .SECL