Reset Minutes        

In addition to the "Value Limit", Accumulation can be reset by a user-defined "Reset Time" in minutes. A non-zero number defines the reset time.

If the number less than 1440, 1 day, the reset time will be aligned to midnight, otherwise it will be reset on the every M day from the start of the month, where M=reset time/1440.

All the trend/ODBC log data will be recorded before reset, if the record time matches with reset time.

Reset time example:

"Reset Minutes"   Execution time

15                0:00, 0:15, 0:30, 0:45, 1:00, 1:15......

60                0:00, 1:00, 2:00...

90                0:00, 1:30, 3:00...

1440             0:00    every day

3000             0:00 on the 2nd, 4'th, 6'th, 8'th... day of each month. (3000/1440 = 2 ).

The "Value Limit" is still in effect. The Acc. point will be reset whenever a time or value limit condition meet.