4.6.1   Math Functions

Calculation Tag Math Functions

Operators      Description

+                     Addition

-                      Subtraction

*                      Multiplication

/                      Division

sin( )              Sine function; format is sin(A) where A is in radians

cos( )             Cosine function; format is cos(A) where A is in radians

sqrt( )            Square root; format is sqrt(A) where A is in radians

pow( , )          Power; format is pow(A,B) for A to the power of B

log( )              Natural logarithm; format is log(A)

log10( )          Logarithm base 10; format is log10(A)

( )                    Precedence operator. Perform calculation inside parentheses before any operators outside parentheses

CEIL(A)        Smallest integer >= A

FLOOR(A)      Largest integer <= A

INT(A)          Integer part of A

MOD(A,n)      Remainder A/n

Math Functions can be nested. For example, SIN(A*0.0175) will multiple A by 0.0175 then calculate the Sine. 

To convert degrees to radians, multiply by 0.0175