4.6.2   Logic Functions

Calculation Tag Math Functions

Operators      Description

>             Greater than

>=           Greater than or equal to

<             Less than

<=           Less than or equal to

==           Equal to

!=            Not equal to

!             NOT

&&           AND

||            OR

max(A,B)       Selects the higher value of A and B

min(A,B)        Selects the lower value of A and B

Exp1?Exp2:Exp3    Conditional expression where Exp 1, 2 and 3 are math and/or logic expressions. Exp 1 is evaluated first. If it is non-zero (true), the tag uses the value of Exp 2 as its output. Otherwise, Exp 3 is used for the tag output.      

An example is C>0?A*B/C:1  If C is greater than 0, the tags value will be A*B/C.  If C is Not greater that 0, then output of the calculation is 1.