4.7.4   Analog Constant Tag example

Figure 4-12Analog Constant Tag example

In this example of a constant tag, the AMPLITUDE tag will be used as an input to the SINE calculation tag example.  Amplitude will be used to control the Percent of full scale the sine is allowed to reach.  Hence, Engineering Units are Percent in order to indicate to the operator this is a percent of full scale.   Alarms are configured to alarm is the operator sets the value of AMPLITUDE to dangerously high values.   An Output Lo limit prevents the operator from setting the value below zero. The Span Lo is -1 for display purposes (trends will be built with amplitude lining up with sine centered at zero (note that sine can be negative).  A bitmap is shown above.  A HTML text version of the example is listed below. The HTML version lists all the fields in the example including the Alarm Graph not shown in the bitmap.