Alarm/lock status of a tag. The field value will be 0 if no alarm, 1 if unack alarm, 2 if ack alarm, 3 if back to normal without ack, 5 if unack alarm and locked, 6 if ack alarm and locked, 7 if back to normal without ack and locked.

Range:              0 to 7
Field Type:        Analog

Tag fields:         .ALMEST

Syntax:        Tagname.ALMEST
Blockname:Parameter. ALMEST

Examples:      PI301.ALMEST


Alarm Lock is a special status assigned to a Tag in Alarm, that will mark the Tag for filtering in the Alarm Summary page (to view all Locked Alarms Only or Hide All Locked Alarms).  Tags can also be sorted to show Locked Alarms at the top of the Alarm Summary List. There will be a white rectangle prefixed to every locked alarming tag in the new default Alarm Summary display. The lock status of an alarming tag will be automatically cleared when the tag is not in alarm (Return to Normal) or in a new alarm status (i.e. change from High Alarm to a High-High Alarm). A button labeled Lock is added to the alarm summary that allows user to select an alarm and then lock it.  A checkbox labeled Lock is also added to the Alarm Summary to allow alarms to be arranged by Locked Alarms first.  Two checkboxes labeled Locked and Unlocked are added to the Alarm Filter Dialog Box to hide Locked or to hide Unlocked alarms from the Alarm summary.