4.8.15         .ALMLL

Low-Low Alarm Limit.  Alarming is used to notify operators and users of abnormal conditions in runtime VIEW.  The tag must change BELOW the Low-Low Alarm Limit to be considered in the alarm state. The Low-Low alarm is in engineering units of the tag (not percent).  This is similar to the Low Alarm.  The Low-Low Alarm Limit must be less than the High Alarm and Low Alarm Limits. The Limit can be changed by users with 127 security Level in run-time VIEW. This field is for ANALOG tags and parameters only.

Range:                    -99,999,999,999 to 99,999,999,999 (but greater than ALMLO & ALMHI)
Units:                     same as Tag
Field Type:            Analog
Configuration:      LL Alarm Limit
Tag field:               .ALMLL

Syntax:         Tagname.ALMLL
Blockname:Parameter. ALMLL

Examples:      SPEED.ALMLL

See also, ALMLO