Allows users can set temporary value associated with a tag that can be shared among different ViewDAQs on a SCADA node or different View clients on a Client node. For example, users now can use this feature to easily pass parameters to another ViewDAQ/View Client that is called up by DSPPOPUP/DSPPOPUPDEP/DSPPOPUPTOP.

Range:    -99,999,999,99 to 99,999,999,999
Field Type:            analog
Tag field:               .NODEVA

See Also: 4.8.67 .VIEWVA, 4.8.63 .TEMPVA

Example for Blocks



The Button Up Keymacro is needed to pass the new value of .NODEVA to the actual Tagname.

A second larger bar, move object, or text is connected to: Tagname:Parameter (Optional - to prevent false indication)

Example for Tag