4.8.46         .PNAME

Parameter Name

Users and operators will reference the elements in a block by appending the parameter name to the Block Tag name,  Blockname:parameter. You should pick a parameter name that will be meaningful to ordinary users and operators. Do not include blank spaces within your parameter name.

For example, a Foxboro 761 device:

TIC101:SP for the setpoint of a Temperature controller,
TIC101:MEAS for the measurement,
TIC101:OUTP for the output of the primary controller.

For Tags, this is the Parameter used as a template to create the tag.  A custom point detail display can be configured for Tags by naming their Point Detail the same as the Parameter Name.

Range:                    up to 7 alphanumeric characters.
Field Type:            Text
Tag field:               .PNAME

Syntax:         Tagname.PNAME

Examples:      PI301.PNAME                     returns         
TIC101:OUT.PNAME            returns OUT

See also, BNAME, NAME, and PTYPE.