4.8.48         .QCODE

Quality Code of communications and data read by tag.  The QCODE reports errors that occur while reading data from the automation device. 0 = good = no error. Any non-zero value is an error.  Typically, a value of 8000 or greater is critical.  The QCODE is displayed in the Point Info Dialog box for the tag.  Typically, loss of communication will show QCODE as * [8000] in the Point Info Dialog Box.

If "KEEP PREVIOUS VALUE" is NO, then an Asterisk (*) appears as the value of a tag indicating BAD DATA.

If "KEEP PREVIOUS VALUE" is YES, then the last good value appears as the value of a tag if communications fail. The QCODE is the indication of BAD DATA.

Refer to the specific Device Driver Manual for a description of Quality Codes for your device.

Range:                    0 to 65535.
Field Type:            Analog
Configuration:      Keep Previous Value
Tag field:               .QCODE                read only

Syntax:                   Tagname.QCODE

Examples:               PI301.QCODE

See also, QNAME