Scaling Type is an integer describing the scaling type used by the tag. Users can modify this on line. This is dependent on the device driver.  This value is set in configuration ( see 4.2.13 Scaling Type). Applies to Analog Type tags only. The default values are:

0 = No Scale
1 = Scale 0-100% Input to SPAN
2 = Linear MX+B
3 = Scale Defined Input H/L to Span
4 = Scale 12-Bit Input to Span
5 = Scale 0-100% Square Root Input
6 = Square Root of Input/(F2-F1)) to Span

Refer to the specific Device Driver Manual for a description of scaling types for your device.

Range:                   (0 to 6 is default) device dependant
Field Type:            Analog
Configuration:     4.2.13 Scaling Type
Tag field:               .SCALET 

Syntax:                   Tagname.SCALET

Examples:               PI301.SCALET

See also .SCALE1, .SCALE2,  4.2.13 Scaling Type