4.8.53         .SCANTP

Scan Type defines the type of scanning performed by the Tag or Block Parameter.

Constant Scan means the Tag is always scanned as long as the SCADA node is running. Constant scanning must be used for all I/O points that require continuous update (alarming, trends, logs, batch, scripts, logic).

Display Scan is for infrequently accessed tags, like tuning parameters and setpoints. Display Scanning occurs only when a Display is being viewed with this tag on it.  Display Scan is a means of optimizing or increasing communications throughput.

Some drivers provide other Scan options.  Scan Type is chosen from a pull down menu showing valid scan types for this device.

Range:Constant Scan or Display Scan
Field Type:    Text 
Tag fields:     .SCANTP         read only

Syntax:         Tagname.SCANTP

Examples:               PI301.SCANTP