4.8.54         .SECA

Security Area limits the ability to change the value of this tag, to those users having access to this Area. A user must be assigned both Area and Level privileges to change the Tag.

WebAccess uses the concept of Area of Responsibility.  A user may have different access Levels in different areas of the facility or plant. This might be used in a large facility to give various users different read and modify permissions. For example, boiler operators may change this tag but paper machine operators can only view it.

Areas are numbered 0 to 31. A value of 0 means the tag belongs to Area 0. A Tag can belong to only one Area. A user can be assigned to multiple areas with a different security level in each. For more information, see the section on Users, Passwords & Security .

Range:                    0 to 31
Field Type:            analog
Tag field:               .SECA  

Syntax:         Tagname.SECA
Blockname:Parameter. SECA

Examples:      PI301. SECA