4.8.56         .SIGREV

Signal Reverse specifies if data read from field is inverted.

For an analog tag, indicates the scale is reversed (e.g. 0 percent means 100% open for valve position). SPANHI and SPANLO are switched in conversion and scaling to engineering units.  SPANHI is applied to 0 value from field device.  SPAN LO is applied to maximum value from field device.

For a Discrete signal, depends on the number of states in the tag.  For example, in a 2-state discrete tag, reverses 1 to 0. (e.g. reverses true to a false)   In an 8 state Discrete Tag, 0 becomes 7, 1 becomes 6, 2 becomes 5 and 3 becomes 4, etc.


Range:                    0 or 1 (Yes or No)
Field Type:            Discrete
Tag fields:             .SIGREV

Syntax:                   Tagname. SIGREV
Blockname:Parameter. SIGREV

Examples:               PI301. SIGREV