Read Dynamic Animation Attribute Tag Name.  Read Dynamic Animation Attribute Tag Name from a local script assigned to an animation. In DRAW and DrawDAQ in the Dynamic -> Animation box, there is the little used “Advanced” button next to tag name.  This assigns a local script to the animation.  To enhance the usability of local scripts when they are associated with animation objects, there is a tag: %TTAGLSA(  found in the DaqTag list.  This tag allows a script to get the Attribute Tag name of the animation object  from the Local Script is associated with the animation using the “Advanced” button in Dynamic -> Animation.

The format [GETVAL @%TTAGLSA(0)]  to get the values of tagname. The zero level is the current level and most commonly used. To access Attribute Tag name of an animation object nth-level up (assuming that we all understand multi-attributes animation in WebAccess), please use %TTAGLSA(n), where n is 0, 1, 2, …..


Syntax:         %TTAGLSA(n)

Security:       READ ONLY

Arguments:    level number, where n is 0, 1, 2, …..

Example:       [GETVAL @%TTAGLSA(0)]


Return Values: character string

Text Length:   16

Example returns:




See Also: %TTAGLS

For an applied example with Local Tag File and Local Script file see:
10.5.7 Dynamic Animation Advanced button