5.2.3   Edit Parameter Set

This section assumes you have started Internet Explorer 6.0 or later Web Browser and connected to your Project Node.

1.      Start WebAccess Configuration

2.      Login with User Name and Password

3.      Select your Project Name

4.      The Project Manger opens.

5.      Drag the slider bar on the left Frame down to reveal Device Type list.

6.      Pick the Device (for example, pick Modicon)

7.      The Parameter list for the selected device appears.

Figure 5-10 Device Property - Parameter List

Parameters are organized by type, and then listed alphabetically.  Digital or Text type parameters are listed separately from Analog parameters (and listed separately from each other).  If you created a parameter and don't see it listed alphabetically with your analog parameters, try scrolling down to the Digital and Text parameters for your device type.

8.      Select Update.

9.      The Parameter Properties Page opens.

Refer to the Following Sections for Analog, Discrete and Text Parameter Properties for a description of each entry on the Page.
Analog Parameter Properties

Discrete Parameter Properties

Text Parameter Properties

10.   Press Submit when you are finished entering Data.

Modifications to the Parameter Properties will only affect New Tags and Blocks.  To modify the Parameters in an existing Tag or Block, you will have to update those tags and Blocks individually.