Parameter Address assigns the default address of the Parameter for the data in the field device to be read or written.  It is important to assign an address for Parameters that are to be used in Blocks in order for the Block Offset feature to work well.

Parameter Address defines the initial Address for Tags and BLOCK:PARAMETERS created using this parameter.  Parameter Address can save time and typing or enforce a standard if this parameter will be used in a predictable way to create Tags or Blocks.

The Block Offset feature will increment all the addresses of all the parameters in a block by a given amount. If your parameter addresses have a predictable pattern, the Block Offset feature can greatly reduce the time and effort to create blocks and establish communications with the field.

Parameter Addresses require some planning for use with blocks. However, the time savings can be huge.  It is possible to type a single offset number to create a dozen or more communication addresses for data in the field device.

If you leave the parameter address blank, for all the parameters in your block, the block offset will set all the addresses to the same value and you will have to manually re-enter the correct address for each parameter in every block

When creating a tag, the tag's address is initially set when the Parameter was chosen for this Tag. Address is very device dependent. Refer to the device driver manual for more details. Most users edit the field by selecting the part(s) of the address with the mouse and typing the specific address.  The pull down menu (accessed on Address Template field above) lists address formats supported by the driver.

Range:                    driver dependant
Field Type:            Text 
Tag fields:             .PADDRS