Signal Reverse

Parameter Signal Reverse is the initial setting for Signal Reverse for Tags and Blocks created using this parameter. 

Signal Reverse inverts a discrete signal to indicate its complement.  The result depends on the number of states in the tag.  For example, in a 2-state Discrete Tag, reverses 1 to 0 (for example, reverses true to false).   In an 8 state Discrete Tag, 0 becomes 7, 1 becomes 6, 2 becomes 5, and 3 becomes 4, etc.   Commonly used to help operators understand fail-safe devices where 0 signal is the safe condition (and which can mean either On or Off).  For example, Signal Reverse allows fail-safe inputs to be reversed so that 1 is always On.

Parameter Signal Reverse can save time and typing or enforce a standard if this parameter will be used in a predictable way to create Tags or Blocks.