State 0 - 7

Optionally, the tags value can be displayed as a text descriptor, for example ON, OFF, True, False, Run, Stop, Auto, Manual, HOLD etc.

If three bits are read or written from the field device, up to 8 state descriptors are used to display the 'State" of the tag's value.  If a single bit is read or written form the device, then only two state descriptors are used.

Length                   State Descriptors Used

                   1                  STATE 0 and STATE 1

                   2                  STATE 0, 1, 2, and STATE 3
3                  STATE 0 thru STATE 7

The value of the Tag read by calculation tags, accumulation tags, scripts, keymacros and user programs is always the integer representation (0 to 7).  The tag descriptor fields can be read scripts and user programs (DESCR0 to DESCR7).

The value of the Discrete Tag on Displays and Dialog boxes will use the STATE descriptors specified her (STATE 0 to 7)

Range:                    12 alphanumeric characters
Field Type:            Text 
Tag fields:             .DESCR0  .DESCR1 .DESCR2 .DESCR3 .DESCR4 .DESCR5  DESCR6 .DESCR7

Figure 5-15Change Dialog Box for 8-state Discrete Tag

Figure 5-16Change Dialog Box for 2-state Discrete Tag