5.6.1   Create Block Detail Graphics

Block Detail Displays are created in the same manner as faceplate symbols. Block Detail Displays can occupy the whole page of a graphic, rather than just a small portion.  Block Detail Displays are created using the drawing tools provided in DRAW Graphic Builder.

Animation connections are made to the Parameter name only when building a  Block Detail Display by referencing the Parameter Name only in the Animation box. WebAccess will insert the Tagname when the Block Detail is called up in the run-time VIEW.

1.      Create a Graphic file using DRAW.

2.      Connect Animation to the Parameter. (Do not use tagname).

a.      Dynamic->Animation

b.      in the Tag:   PARAMETER 

3.      Save the File as a BDX type. ( File -> Save BDX)

4.      Enter a File name that is the same as the Block Name.

For the 761L Block, the Block detail must be named 761L.BD1

5.      If this is the second page of a multi-page Block Detail, use the BD2 extension, if this is the third page, use BD3, etc.

6.      Save the DWF.  Be careful of how you name the DRW in a multiple-page Block detail. It is easy to overwrite page one with page two.