5.7        Example: Blocks, Parameters & Detail Displays

The following examples create a PID Block type and a PID Block Detail Display.  The classic use of a Block Detail Display is for a PID Controller: Measurement, Setpoint, Output, and tuning parameters for all PID blocks are viewed using the one Block Detail Display shown below.  A Modicon device is used in these examples.

Figure 5-33  Block Detail Display for a PID controller

Blocks are a common "productivity tool" that can reduce display building requirements and allow users to commission new device sand  IO without any display building. . A common application is in Building Automation where hundreds of similar VAV's are monitored. Only one Block Detail Display needs to be built for a VAV Type. The Block Detail Display can have multiple pages.

The Block Tag name can be anything (e.g. TIC101, PIC227, FlowControl). All three of these Blocks will use the same PID Block Detail display.  New PID blocks can be added, without display building, and all can use the PID Block Detail Display.