7.9        Alarm Acknowledgement - ACK

The user can ACKNOWLEDGE alarms from the Alarm summary, any user-built graphic, the Point Info Dialog Box (Tag Browser), and any Block or Point Detail Display. Scripts and External programs can also Acknowledge Alarms.

Alarm Acknowledgement can be done for a Single Tag, Single Display, a single Group or entire SCADA node.

If there are multiple alarms for a Tag (e.g. High and High Deviation), the Higher Priority Alarm appears. There is an Alarm Precedence: 1) Hi-Hi and Lo-Low 2) Hi and Lo, 3) ROC and lowest 4) Deviation Alarms.  Alarm Ack only acknowledges the displayed alarm.  If there are multiple alarms for a tag, the next Alarm will appear immediately after the Alarm Ack.

Acknowledge All

Pressing the Acknowledge All button will acknowledge all active alarms on the SCADA node. 

If a tag's current value has triggered multiple alarms (for example, low-low and low alarms) then the next lower priority alarm will appear.

Acknowledge Screen

Pressing the Acknowledge Screen button will acknowledge all active alarms Displayed on the screen. 

Acknowledge Tag

Pressing the Acknowledge Tag button will acknowledge only the selected tag.  To acknowledge only one tag on the Alarm Summary:

1.      Click on the Tagname (or anywhere on that line)

2.      Click Acknowledge Tag

Acknowledge Group

Pressing the Acknowledge Group pushbutton will acknowledge all active Alarms in the Alarm Group of the Selected Tag. See Alarm Groups for information about building Alarm Groups.