8.1        Overview - Users & Passwords

Users must "Login" using a Username and password to VIEW.  All Web Browser Clients must Login to see any graphic displays or data. User names are not case sensitive.    Passwords are case-sensitive.

ViewDAQ  -    The local, non-web browser version, ViewDAQ will start without a user login. Any one with access to the Windows Operating System can use ViewDAQ. Admin, Power, General and Restricted Users can View all Displays and Tags in ViewDAQ. Security Area and Level restrict who can change data in VIEW. Use Windows security to “lock computer” for un-attended operation in ViewDAQ.

All users are assigned a User Type.  The user type determines which displays and types of displays a user can View. User type is used to restrict the ability to view data and displays.

The User Types are admin (administrator), project user, user manager,  power user, general user and restricted user.  

Admin and Project Users can access the Project Manager (the configuration and engineering tool). Admin can access all SCADA Nodes using VIEW (and ViewDAQ).  Project Users can not access runtime VIEW unless a second account, with the same name, is created as a Power, General or Restricted User.

Admin, power users, and general users can use VIEW to access all SCADA Nodes in the project and view all displays through a web browser.

Admin and power users can access the Scheduler, Reports, System Log and ODBC Logs through VIEW (the web browser).

Project Users can access the Scheduler, Reports, System Log and ODBC Logs through the Project Manager.

User Managers can add and modify other View Users (i.e. add and modify Power, General and Restricted Users. User Managers can only login from the “User Management” login button on the Project Manager.  The “User Manager” can not login to WebAccess Configuration (e.g. can not modify SCADA Node properties, Tags or Draw).  The “User Manager” can not login to View. The “User Manager” can not modify the admin or Project User accounts.

All users of ViewDAQ (Admin, power, general and restricted users) can use ViewDAQ (the non-web version, local to the SCADA node) to view all displays, all system displays, view all tags, acknowledge alarms and access the Scheduler, Reports, System Log and ODBC Logs through ViewDAQ.

If the login is through a Web Browser, a restricted user can view only displays assigned to that user (this may be a single display).  If the assigned default graphic display does not exist on that SCADA Node, or no graphic is assigned, then the restricted user can not login to that SCADA Node. The ability to Acknowledge alarms and Change Tags can be disabled or enabled on a per graphic basis (Area and Level Security still applies).

Security Area and security Level are used to restrict the ability to change data. In order to change the value of a tag, both the user and the tag must be assigned to the same Area and the user must have a security Level greater or equal to the security level assigned to the tag.

For a more comprehensive overview of Security, see  Security Considerations,  in Section 1.6.

For a Table summarizing User Types in WebAccess, see WebAccess User Accounts in section 1.6.3.