8.2.7   Login through Web Browser Client

User types restrict access to displays through a Web Browser.

If a Web-browser user tries to change the value of a Tag without correct security Level or Area, a Popup Dialog box will prompt for User Name and Password, similar to local ViewDAQ.  The difference is that this does not Login the new user name.  This enables a "one shot" opportunity to change the selected tag.  After the tag is changed, the Area or Level and user login reverts to the original user.

A pushbutton using the <LOGIN> keymacro can be placed on a User-built Display, Toolbar or a screen script to change the user login through a web browser.  <LOGIN> works only in ViewDAQ.  To login as a new user in VIEW, the web browser must be closed and user must reconnect to Project Node. 

Since all configuration is done through a Web Browser, only Users assigned as Project Users can configure the Database.