8.6.6   RAS Server for Dial-up connections

The Remote Access Server (RAS) allows users to 'dial-up" via Telephone. The Client connects to the "intranet" via  a RAS Server on the private network.  When the client connects to the RAS Server, it will be assigned an address in the "private network". This will allow the client to connect to a "private network" o intranet.  You have to setup a RAS server on the same network (intranet) as the SCADA Node .   The RAS server could be the SCADA Node or another computer on the intranet. RAS is a standard feature in Windows 2000 Server.

To create a simple remote access server for a Windows 2000 Server-based computer that belongs to a workgroup and not a domain. The resulting server allows users with local accounts to connect by using dial-up, virtual private network (VPN), or direct (Infrared or parallel ports) connections. However, only limited authentication methods are supported by Incoming Connections Server. Clients can connect by using only MSCHAP or MSCHAPv2 authentication. A default Remote Access Policy is applied.

To create a remote access server, follow these steps:

1.      Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Network And Dial-up Connections.

2.      Select Make New Connection to start the Network Connection Wizard.

3.      Click Next.

4.      Select Accept Incoming Connections.

5.      Click Next.

6.      Select one or more connection devices (i.e. the modem)

7.      For each selected device, click Properties.

8.      Configure the connection properties, and then click OK.

9.      Click Next.

10.  Select Allow Virtual Private Connections.

11.  Click Next.

12.  Select the type of users that are allowed to connect to the server, and then click Next.

13.  Select the network component options you want to enable for incoming connections, and then click Next.

14.  Type a name for the connection.

15.  Select Finish.