Windows XP Firewall (Service Pack 2)

The WebAccess Network Service (Webvrpcs.exe) automatically configures “Windows Firewall” in XP Service Pack 2 to allow Webvrpcs and Datacore to pass on SCADA Node.  Webvrpcs on the Project Node also automatically configure “Windows Firewall” to allow Webvrpcs, Datacore and IIS (Internet Information Services) to pass including the Web Server (IIS) and Internet Mail Server (SMTP) protocols. No user action required during installation or later to modify the “Windows Firewall”.

Manually modify Windows Firewall

To manually unblock the Web Server (HTTP) and Internet Mail Server (SMTP) protocols or to turn the Windows Firewall OFF in Windows XP SP2:

Select Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Network Connections.

Right Click on ‘Local Area Connection’.

Select Properties -> Advanced -> Settings -> General tab

From the General Tab you can turn the Firewall Off or On.

To verify that webvrpcs and Datacore are enabled, Select the Exceptions tab.  Datacore and Webvrpcs should appear on the list and be checked if webvrpcs and Datacore were started and you selected Unblock as described above.

It is recommended to enable (check the box) for ‘Display a notification when Windows Firewall blocks a program. This is the default.

To enable HTTP and SMTP service:

Select the ‘Advanced Tab’ (this is next to the ‘Exceptions’ tab described above).

Select the ‘Settings’ button.

Check to enable Web Server (HTTP) and Internet Mail (SMTP).

Note – you only need to enable SMTP if you are using email of alarms, reports or scripts that send email.