8.7        TCP Ports

WebAccess uses three TCP Ports; all three can be modified by the user to accommodate firewalls, routers, port mapping, etc.

Port 80 is the default Port used for the ASP page (the web page). This is the default web server port for all web servers.  For security or other reasons, you can use another port. This port is changed in the Microsoft Operating System on the Project Node using Internet Services Manager.

 WebAccess uses to additional TCP Ports for downloading files and real-time data:

Port 4592 is the WebAccess Primary Port used for File Downloads (e.g. graphics, symbols, etc). 

Port 14592 is the WebAccess Secondary port is used for real-time data (e.g. setpoints, measurements, status, Trends).

WebAccess downloads a "deploy file" which describes the two additional TCP ports used by Web Access Project and SCADA Nodes to the Clients. 

If the Project Node and SCADA Node are the SAME computer, 3 must be mapped to the Project / SCADA Node.  If the Project Node is separate from the SCADA node, 4 ports would be needed.  Each additional SCADA node would require an additional 2 ports.

The TCP ports are set on the SCADA node during software installation.   When configuring your SCADA nodes in the Project Configuration Manager, you must enter the correct TCP Port numbers. 

Note that 0 means the default ports numbers are used (4592 and 14592).