9.3.10         Global Script Display

The Global Script Status Display shows the disable / enable status of Scripts configured as Global Scripts that run on the SCADA Node.  There may be used for reports, system initialization, supervisory control, etc.

Figure 9.21  Global Script Status Display

Global Scripts are Tcl, VB SCript and JScripts and ACTION Commands configured in the Script Editor (see Start the Script Editor) and scheduled for the SCADA Node (see Global Script Configuration).

The Global Script Display can be viewed from the Toolbar  or Ctrl+F6 function key or a pushbutton with the <GOTO> GSCRIPT keymacro. The Right-Click Menu can also call up the Global Script Display (Right Click -> Goto -> Global Script).


Only Power Users and the admin account can view the Global Script Status Display through a Web Browser. (General Users and Restricted users cannot view the Global Script Status through a Web Browser). All users can view the Station Status locally on the SCADA node using ViewDAQ.

DISABLE will stop the script on the SCADA node.