Action Logging to Printer

Logging to printer is a way of making a permanent record of Operator and User Actions. This printing occurs automatically.  As each Action occurs, a line is printed on the printer. (Three lines are printed for a Text Type tag in Action).  Acknowledgement by the operator or user is also recorded.

To have Action Log and Action Print Automatically and Continuously to a Printer:

1.      Open Internet Explorer

2.      Start the Project Manager (WebAccess Configuration).

3.      Open Project Manager for Your Project

4.      Select your SCADA node

5.      Select Node Property

6.      Select Action Log to Printer (see also, Action Log to Printer)

1 = LPT1 (Line Printer Port 1 also known as Parallel Printer Port 1)

2 = LPT2 (Line Printer Port 2 also known as Parallel Printer Port 2)

3 = LPT3 (Line Printer Port 3 also known as Parallel Printer Port 3)

Default = The Windows Default Printer (if one is configured for your PC) (Start->Settings-Printers).

Note that if Action Log to Printer is selected, it is highly recommended to use a dot matrix or Line Printer.  If you use an ordinary LaserJet, Print Jet or other buffered printer, you will either get one Action per page, or your Actions print when a page is full, except if someone else uses the printer.

See 3.2.20 Action Log To Printer for more information.