9.4.1   Change Dialog Box

To allow users to Change the value of a Tag (for example, to enter a setpoint or start a motor), WebAccess provides a pop-up Dialog Boxes.  There are three Change Dialog Boxes : Analog, Discrete and Text.

Double-clicking any tag that is "pick-able" on an Display will open the Change Dialog Box.  If the user does not have the Security (Area and Level), a password Dialog box opens first, then the Change Dialog Box.

The design of the Dialog Boxes allows users to enter Data using:

·         Mouse,

·         Touch Panel 

·         or Keyboard.

The Change Dialog Box also provides:

·         An "Exit" button which cancels any input

·         A "Hold Output" button that allows users to review their entry before Entering the data. This "Holds" any "Outputs" until the operator has a chance to review the number and confirm the change by pressing the ENTER key.  This implements a two step process to prevent accidental changes in values to tags.

·         An Enter Key

·         Ramp Keys (Ramp Up Ramp Down) and Slider Bars for Analog Type Data

·         The name of the Tag (and its Tag Field) displayed in the Title Bar.

Multiple ways to open the Change Dialog Box are:

·         Double-Click a "pick able" tag on a Display

·         The Change Button on the Point Info Dialog Box (Tag Browser)

·         Click a Tag once, then  icon on the default Toolbar (useful to touch panels that are hard to double click)

·  Click a Tag once, then Ctrl + F3 on the keyboard (useful for touch panels that are hard to double click)

·  Click a Tag once, then a pushbutton with the <CTL_F3> keymacro on a Display.