Product:    HiBeam 1.1x
Date: 27-Apr-2001
File: Change the time-outs between the Applet and the data server.htm
Subject: How to change the time-outs used between the applet and the data server
Keywords: Notification time-out - Alarm time-out


Notification behavior

The data server send a notification frame when the value of the spied variable changes. If the client (the applet) has not acknowledged the value before the notification time-out has ellapsed, the data server passes in alarm mode for the concerned variable.In this mode the data server sends alarm frames regularly (every Alarm Timeout) to return to normal behavior mode.

The client must acknowledged one alarm for the data server to return to normal mode.

Modification of the time-outs:

In the screen builder you have to modify the settings of the data server. The format is the following:

- IPADDRESS <:PORT> <,NotifTimeOut, AlarmTimeOut>

When changing the time-out, you  must absolutely change both time-outs.

Example :,5000,10000 to use a data server with the port 6001, a notification time-out equal to 5s and an alarm time-out equal to 10s.

Default value:

The notification time-out is 5s.

The alarm time-out is 10s.


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