Product:    HiBeam 1.1x
Date: 23-April-2001
File: HiBeam example of different size of downloaded files.htm
Subject: Give an example of the total size of the files downloaded into the Target
Keywords: size - download - files


The following information concerning the size are dependent on the application that can be found on the ISaGRAF site web at the Address

This application contained:

ISaGRAFApplication :
4 resources
1 configuration
130 Variables
7 POUs

HiBeam application :

287 objects
28 Gif
4 Pages (*.HAD)
6 logBookEditor

Size of downloaded script:   50 Ko
Size of source file:   28 Ko
Size of gif files:   65.7Ko
Size of Trend files:   3 Ko
Size of the Applet:   114 Ko
Class.jar:   92 Ko
Total   352 Ko


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