Product:    Hilight 1.0x Beta
Date: 18-January-2001
File: HiBeam Memory leak with old version of IE5.htm
Subject: When writing into object, there is a memory leak
Keywords: Memory leak IE5


In an IE5 version (in fact version of the JAVA Virtual Machine) there is a memory leak leading to a error "OUT OF VIRTUAL MEMORY"
This is due to a bug on Internet Explorer 5.0 where the Java virtual Machine has some problems with memory management.

A version of the Java virtual Machine corrects this problem.
With the following versions we did not have this problem:
- Release
- Release

There is an update of the IE5, file: msjavx86build3319forIE5.exe

How to see the Java Virtual Machine Version:
Open IE5:
- in the menu Internet option/Advanced
- check Java console enable (recquire restart) in the Microsoft VM part

=> Close the explorer, restart it.
=> Select View/Java console menu
=> View first line : Microsoft (R) VM for Java, 5.0 Release


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