Product:    Hilight 1.10
Date: 05-March-2001
File: Problem if using several Data Servers with Internet Explorer 4.0 SP2.htm
Subject: Problem with HiBeam using several Data Server and Internet Explorer 4.0.SP2
Keywords: Data Server, IE 4.0. SP2


In HiBeam, when developping an application using several Data Servers, the IE needs to be configured in order to give the possibility to access remote address. When configurating the IE , there is a problem with the version IE 4.0 SP2. Even if the configuration is done, the Applet can not be connected to Data Servers

To correct this problem we need to configure IE 4.0 SP2 with a special manipulation:
- Open IE 4.0
- Go to Internet Option
- Select Security tab
- Click on the icon "Custom Level"
- In the Java Permission select Custom ==> An icon "Java Custom Setting appears"
- Then click on the icon "Java Custom Setting"
- Select "Edit Permission Tab"

In this windows if the option "Access to all Network Adresses" Enable is checked then the connection with HiBeam will not work.

To correct this, please check the option "Run Unsigned Content" Enable.


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