Product:    HiBeam 1.1x
Date: 27-April-2001
File: Symbol Table - HiBeam screen builder.htm
Subject: What is the ISaGRAF symbol table that is used by the HiBeam screen builder
Keywords: Symbol table - HiBeam screen builder



The ISaGRAF symbol table is generated by the compiler of the workbench during Build (project or resource) operations when TIC code is selected in the resource properties.

That file is located in the directory of each resource of your project.

The file name is <ResourceName>_SymbolsTarget.xtc

This table is "complete" or "reduced" according to resource properties option at last compiling.

The reduced symbol table contains only variables for which an "address" has been specified in the dictionary.

File <ResourceName>_SymbolsTarget.xtc is the one downloaded on the target if "Embed symbol table" option is checked in the resource properties.

Another file contains systematically all symbols. The file name is <ResourceName>_SymbolsDebug.xtc.

HiBeam screen builder

When selecting the ISaGRAF project in the HiBeam screen builder, it defines that symbols in the file <ResourceName>_SymbolsTarget.xtc will be used to browse and select PLC variables.


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