Product:    HiBeam 1.1x
Date: 14-Jun-2001
File: Trends - Download modifications of LogBook.htm
Subject: What to do before downloading modifications made in the LogBook
Keywords: Trends - LogBook - Download


When you define Trend graphs you also define a LogBook with the variables you want the history of.

Each time you make a modification in the LogBook to add a new variable or to change the parameters (Max samples, sampling period...) you need to download these modificaytion for the data server to take them into account.

If the web browser is currently accessing the dataserver to update trend graphs, it is very often that the logbook download operation fails:

Load Error: Unload [20040009]

Can not open record (busy)

In order to update the logBook for the dataserver, the download must be successfull and for that it is better to close the html page on the Web browser during download and re-open it after download.


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