Product:    ISaGRAF 4.0x
Date: 18-August-2000
File: Activating trace for Dta_srv.htm
Subject: How to send debugger traces to ICS Triplex ISaGRAF
Keywords: traces - debug - dta_srv


In order to obtain a better understanding of download or communication problems, You may have to send us what DTA_SRV.exe is displays on its screen.

To get the full information message onto the DTA_SRV screen, you need to open DTA.INI (located in \bin directory of ISaGRAF root directory) and put all traces on:








Steps to follow in order to log what DTA_SRV is displaying:

  1. Set all traces in DTA.INI on as shown above.
  2. Open ISaGRAF and your application.
  3. Open a DOS session and make its current directory point to where DTA_SRV.exe is located. (Bin directory)
  4. Depending on what the ‘download button’ looks like:

    If the ‘download button’ is greyed (not accessible) (simulation), Download or simulate or debug your application as usual.


Once you exit this mode, the DTA_SRV will stop running by itself and the DtaLog.txt file will be filled with information that we can use in order to get a better understanding of your situation.

If trace file is empty:

  1. Workench data-server trace file is empty when data_server is closed unexpectidely. If you get empty file when trying to trace data server, please do not re-direct data server trace into a file. Enter "dta_srv" command in DOS session (instead of DTaLog.txt) and e-mail us a screen copy of all messages you get in that DOS session.
  2. How to display more information in DOS session. You can enlarge the number scrollable lines there is in a DOS session. To do so, once DOS session is started,  with right-mouse, click on DOS session title bar, (a pop-up menu will appear), and select "Properties" menu. A dialog will appear. On Windows NT, go to "Layout" tab in that dialog, and select a big number of line as "screen buffer size" / "height". On Win9x, go to "screen" and change "size".
  3. How to copy DOS window content:
    • Right click on Dos window title bar, and select Edit / Mark
    • Then drag the mouse whithin the Dods Window to select all lines
    • Right click again in the title bar and select Edit / Copy
    • Open a notepad file, and do Edit / Paste (Ctrl+V)
    • Send the file to support


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