Product:    ISaGRAF 4.0
Date: 20-March-2000
File: Debugging a function block instance.htm
Subject: Debugging a function block instance
Keywords: Instance - Function block


To debug (i.e. see the internal data) of a function block instance folow the procedure below:

  1. Declaration.

First, declare an instance of your function block in the dictionary (in the same way as if you were declaring a variable).

  1. Call the instance.

If you make call to the FB instance from a FBD or from a LD program, double click on your block and make sure that an instance is selected in the 'Instance Name' list box of the "Select block" dialog box. In ST, use the instance name you have declared.

  1. Debug.

Then in debug mode, from the dictionary, your FB instance internal data can be seen by "expanding" the instance (click on + sign on the left).


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