Product:    ISaGRAF 4.0
Date: 29-February-2000
File: Error -115 during install.htm
Subject: How to handle Error -115 during installation
Keywords: Installation - Error


If during installation of ISaGRAF you have the following error:

An error occured during the move data process : -115

This means you were running ISaGRAF while installing a new version of it.

Or maybe some ISaGRAF applications were not terminated correctly.

-> what to do:

  1. Cancel the installation.
  2. The problem may come from the PLCI.exe application that is not closed. If you iconize all your running applications, you may see a remaining small dialog box, saying that "Import is finished". If so, click OK to close the PLCI application.
  3. Check with the task manager to see if there are other ISaGRAF applications running.  
  4. Restart Setup.exe for a new install.

If this does not succeed, please reboot your PC and restart the installation.


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