Product:    ISaGRAF 4.10
Date: 31-January-2001
File: ETCP parameters and Kernel Binding Init error.htm
Subject: How to fix the "kernel Binding Init error" by setting ETCP parameters.
Keywords: Binding – ETCP- Parameters


- if you are using ETCP to ensure binding, and if binding does not work:


-if you are using ETCP for binding and when you kill the configuration manager, the ETCP task is kept alive


Then that may mean binding reception buffer for ETCP is not large enough.

(You may try connecting a terminal to target and see if V.M displays "warning 1e:0 kernel binding: init error". If so you are sure you have located the problem).


To adjust ETCP buffer size, set ETCP NCRBSize parameter.

Minimum value for NCRBSize is:

NCRBSize = NumberOfProducers * (Header size + Total size produced by producer)

* Header size = 32.

* Total size produced by producer: Size of data produced for one producer. Must be calculated for each producer.


Example with NT target to set NCRBSize to 20000 :
- Create ETCP.INI if it does not exist.
- Add in ETCP.INI the following section :


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