Product:    ISaGRAF 4.10
Date: 8-March-2001
File: From ISaGRAF 3.x to ISaGRAF 4.x.htm
Subject: How to port an ISaGRAF 3.x project into an ISaGRAF 4.x project & restrictions
Keywords: ISaGRAF - porting - project - convert - update - IAC


If you wish to port an ISaGRAF 3.x project into an ISaGRAF 4.x project, you should focus on the following points:

  1. The following functions or blocks do not exist anymore in ISaGRAF 4.x:






as well as all functions concerning file management.


 and Real time clock:


  1. Types are automatically converted as shown in table below:

    ISaGRAF 3.x

    ISaGRAF 4.x



    Analog (integer)


    Analog (real)






  2. Type conversion functions BOO, ANA, REAL, TMR, MSG become ANY_TO_BOOL, ANY_TO_DINT, ANY_TO_REAL, ANY_TO_TIME, ANY_TO_STRING in ISaGRAF PRO. These are automatically converted by IAC tool. See below.
  3. Defined words with local scope are not considered by the migration tool. Use only global scope for defined words.
  4. IO wiring needs to be redone manually.
  5. The generic "Operate" function proposed by ISaGRAF 3.xx, and implemented by hardware manufacturers and integrators, does not exist in ISaGRAF. Most of the times, Operate calls are replaced by actual function calls by the integrator. You need to adjust source code using the Operate function according to the I/O convention proposed for ISaGRAF by the hardware supplier.
  6. ISaGRAF does not support conversion tables such as defined in ISaGRAF 3.xx. You need to review the handling of I/O channels in ISaGRAF after the converted application is imported. A very popular use of conversion table is to define scaling with a 2 point table. This can be easily replaced in ISaGRAF by setting the gain and offset defined for each I/O channel.
  7. The use of conversion functions is not automatically translated by the Application Converter. You need to re-apply conversion functions to I/O channels in the ISaGRAF I/O wiring tool, after the converted application is imported.
  8. Library elements are not imported.Thus, please import all IEC function or function blocks into your project before following the procedure below.
  9. Concerning IO boards, and "C" elements they can be defined in a ISaGRAF project database using the tool TDBUILD that generates a definition file that can then be imported into the project with the File/Import/PLC definition command of the workbench. See on-line help of TDBUILD.exe
  10. ISaGRAF does not support SFC macro steps. The Application Converter indicates in its report the SFC charts including macro steps. The body of the macro step is kept by the conversion. You need to re-draw the links between main chart and macro steps using ISaGRAF PRO.
  11. The "GSnnn(ProgName).X" and "GSnnn(ProgName).T" statements can be used in ISaGRAF 3.xx to refer to a step in another program. The use of such statements in ISaGRAF 3.xx generates warning messages at build time because those statements are not IEC compliant. ISaGRAF does not support them. Instead, you must use global variables, forced in the SFC chart and read in other POUs.

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------------------------------   PROCEDURE   ------------------------------------------------------------------------

To port your ISaGRAF application to an ISaGRAF project, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch IAC.exe located in the Bin directory of ISaGRAF installation directory. IAC is for ISaGRAF Application Converter.
  2. Use the File / Open project command to select the directory where your ISaGRAF 3 application is stored (c:\ISAWIN\Smp for example for demo applications)
  3. Do Build/Verify so that you can what instructions will not be accepted in the ISaGRAF project. Then you have 2 solutions:
  4. Do Build/Build Exchange file. Enter information required by the dialog box shown.
  5. Open ISaGRAF workbench and open a project or create a new project.
  6. Use the command File / Import / Resource and follow instructions. In the second dialog, you must select the file generated by the IAC tool.
  7. After that, you have at least to redo your IO wiring.

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