Product:    ISaGRAF 4.1x
Date: 19-October-2001
File: How to increase the memory size for binding.htm
Subject: How to increase the memory size for binding
Keywords: Memory size - Binding


HSD Binding memory size: For the local binding there is no memory size limitation.

ETCP Binding memory size: By default the size allocated memory is 512k. This size corresponds to the size used by ETCP on the consuming configuration.

To adjust ETCP buffer size, set ETCP NCRBSize parameter. Minimum value for NCRBSize is:

    NCRBSize = NumberOfProducers * (Header size + Total size produced by producer)
* Header size = 32.
* Total size produced by producer: Size of data produced for one producer. Must be calculated for each producing configuration.

You have the possibility to set the memory size by using different methods:
Setting the evironment variable: ETCP_NCRBSIZE or on the Windows NT target use the ETCP.ini file in the target folder.

NCRBSIZE=XXXX (replace XXXX by the size value)


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