Product:    ISaGRAF 4.1x
Date: 5-July-2001
File: Increasing max number of resources under VxWorks.htm
Subject: How to change limitations of VxWorks system to be able to download many resources
Keywords: Resource - socket - file - VxWorks


This FAQ explains how a customer has enable the download of 32 resources on his VxWorks system.

Please see first the FAQ "Increasing Max. number of Resources" to see ISaGRAF parameters to be changed.

They have successfully configured their VxWorks target to support 32 ISaGRAF Resources.
It seems that VxWorks 'sockets' rely upon system buffers being available as well as file descriptors.
They have rebuilt their VxWorks target with increased system buffers i.e:-

NUM_SYS_64 (from 64 to 128)

NUM_SYS_128 (from 64 to 128)

NUM_SYS_256 (from 64 to 128)

NUM_SYS_512 (from 64 to 128)

Note that they have also increased the number of file decriptors available to VxWorks by increasing the parameter NUM_FILES in VxWorks.


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