Product:    ISaGRAF V4.03
Date: 13-June-2000
File: Info on error Management.htm
Subject: Error management in ISaGRAF Virtual Machine
Keywords: Error management – display - warning


Typically an ISaGRAF I/O driver may need to do some error reporting.

For this, it may use the dsysCmptWngSet routine.

DO NOT USE dsysFctErrnoSet( ) which has been designed for development debugging purposes and not for user error report.

void dsysCmptWngSet


char* psCmptNm,

/*In: Component name  */

uint16 huNum,   

/*In: Warning number  */

uint32 luArg       

/*In: Argument number */


Warning codes can be chosen freely, because they are identified with "psCmptNm" String.

This string must be unique inside all integrator strings (8 characters at most + \0).

=> please use the company name to have a unique name for each integrator.


At present, the ISaGRAF workbench does not display these Virtual Machine errors.

We have registered this workbench behavior problem as shown below:

P00833 3 DPM:show on workbench ISaVM non-starting errors

New development Request:

N00336 -no-status- See IO or other error in the workbench from the ISaVM


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