Product:    ISaGRAF 4.03
Date: August-2000
File: Key (dongle) problem_question to ask.htm
Subject: Question to ask when problems with protection keys (dongle)
Keywords: Protection Key - dongle


Here are a set of question to ask when facing problems with the Dongle.

Q: Which brand is your Dongle?
A: Rainbow has some problems with a series

Q: Is the Workbench running on Win98 or NT?
A: If running on Win98, the sentinel driver has to be installed manually.

Q: Is the sentinel driver installed (manually) correctly from the CD ROM?
A: The sentinal driver installation files are situated on the CD ROM under the directory \Sentinel, and were not installed with the Workbench

Q: Is it a "tiny" Dongle?
A: A series of "tiny" Dongle has a problem and could be de-programmed automatically (has to be changed).

If your question is not answered, please complete the following in order to send more information to Rainbow.

Q: The PC used is it a DeskTop or a Notebook? If notebook, what is the brand?
A: Rainbow Key has compatibility problem with "WinBook XP5" notebook computer.

Q: What is the parallel port configuration? (look into the Bios) EPP 1.5... or ECP or ECP+EPP?
A: There are some problems using configuration ECP...

Q: Check the version of the sentinel Driver in the Registry
A: Use REGEDIT.exe, to check:


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