Product:    ISaGRAF 4.0x / 4.1x
Date: 15-December-2000 / updated 05-June-2001
File: Limitation on number of IXL clients.htm
Subject: How to increase number of possible IXL clients that can connect to a VM
Keywords: IXL client - ETCP - ISARSI


Note that ISARSI accepts only one IXL client at a time.

To increase this limitation you need to have the PrDK product and change some source files:

- in ETCP, increase the ETCP_SRV_MAX_CLT_QUEUE macro in detc0mai.c

Example with NT target to manage 10 IXL clients with ETCP driver:
- Create ETCP.INI if it does not exist.
- Add in ETCP.INI the following section :

Under VxWorks, use putEnv("ETCP_NBIXLCLT=10")

Under OS9, use setenv("ETCP_NBIXLCLT=10")

See also the FAQ: "Increasing Max. number of Resources", you should multiplie parameters of IXD and ETCP by the number of IXL clients you have.


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