Product:    ISaGRAF 4.1x
Date: 23-April-2002
File: OS9000 binding problem.htm
Subject: About ETCP binding problem met during the porting of ISaGRAF kernel on OS9000 Operating System
Keywords: OS9000 - ETCP - binding


After porting ISaGRAF on OS9000 (= OS9 for Intel), one customer met

problem in Ethernet communication for binding.


IXL communication with workbench over Ethernet was OK, but not the binding:

He has added printf traces in "dsys0sem.c", in the  OS9sysSemBTake() semaphore taking function

(the only one really used on OS9/OS9000) .


This is what happens:

If IsaVM runs at the same priority (128) as the other ISaGRAF tasks, after few minutes (process age ?)

both IsaVM and ETCP task fail to take a semaphore (ISM00203 has a event count = 1) with a time out of

20 miilliseconds. That semaphore is to protects KVB EVS space.

After this error has occurred, the socket creation starts on consumer side, and the socket accept is

performed on producer side.

The two target are no more able to communicate and must be restarted.


But, if  IsaVM  priority is risen (for example 200) all run fine.


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