Product:    ISaGRAF 4.03
Date: 29-March-2000
File: SFC Dynamic Behavior.htm
Subject: SFC Dynamic Behavior on the target
Keywords: SFC - Token - dynamic limit -   Resource properties - Advanced settings


magnify.gif (921 bytes)This note replaces the following section of the Pro.chm help file (workbench user's guide):

In the workbench/ project manager/ Link Archi. view/ Resource properties /settings / Advanced chapter

SFC dynamic behavior limits

These are options which determine the amount of memory, allocated by the target at initialization time, to manage SFC Dynamic behavior (i.e. token moving).

The amount of allocated memory is calculated as a linear relation with the number of SFC POUs:

NbElmt = GainFactor * NbOfSFC + OffsetFactor

Alloc Mem (bytes) = N * NbElmt * sizeof(typVa)


A simpler, but more approximate definition is:

Here, an action refers to an N, P1 or P0 action linked to a step.

If the available memory is not enough at a specific moment:

magnify.gif (921 bytes)In  target versions 4.03 and older, the resource is not set in ERROR mode.


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