Product:    ISaGRAF 4.0
Date: 20-March-2000
File: Simulate or debug with a real target.htm
Subject: How to select simulation / real debug
Keywords: Simulation - Debug


By default, when you create a project and new resources in it, the Run mode is Simulation.

When you select the Test button or the command Debug / Test, the workbench starts the simulation.

To change Simulation mode to real debug mode, in all resource properties windows, in the "Run" tab, choose "On-line' instead of "Simulate".

After this you should see that the Download button is no longer greyed. If it is still greyed, this means that there is still at least one resource in "Simulation" mode.

To debug with the real target, you should have already downloaded the code with the "Debug / Download" command or the "Download" button. Then you can use the "Test" button or the "Debug/Test" command.


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