Importing from PanelBuilder32 Databases

Note: This wizard is sold as an add-on and requires a license to be enabled. Consult your software for further information.

This wizard allows you to import not only the tags, but also the screens, alarm configuration and communication interface from a text file (report) exported by the PanelBuilder32™ software. Using this wizard, you can convert PanelView™ program (developed with PanelBuilder32™) into the IWS format and run them under any platform supported by IWS.

Figure 1.

In the grid displayed in Step 3 for this Data Source Type, there is an additional field with the label Address, which displays the tag addresses from the PanelBuilder project.

Tip: Please consult the documentation for this import wizard for detailed information about how to export an program from the *.PBA format to the text (*.TXT) format, using PanelBuilder32™, and import it into IWS.
Note: See Steps 1, 2 and 3 of Import Wizard for the settings and fields that are common for all Source Types.
Note: IWS does not support some special characters (e.g., [ ] . –) in tag names. When you import your PaneBuilder database into IWS, these special characters will be converted into underscores ( _ ).